The First Day of NFL Free Agency and Baseless Speculation About Who Goes Where

When I woke up this morning I did the first thing I do almost every morning, browsed the internet while putting off actually getting started with my day. But today wasn’t like most other days. Today marked the beginning of free agency in the NFL.

Beginning with the much anticipated release of Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts a couple weeks ago, speculation ran rampant about who would end up where. Now, even though every other free agent hit the market, the biggest question remains: Where will Manning end up? And will the rest of his former Colt teammates follow him?

However, at four p.m., every other big name free agent also hit the market. Most of them won’t get signed for the next couple of days or even weeks, but that certainly hasn’t prevented me from checking football sites every couple minutes hoping to see some familiar names signing with new teams.

Within a few hours of becoming free agents, a few big names were already claimed by teams. Marques Colston re-signed with the New Orleans Saints for $40 million over five years. Another former Colt, Pierre Garcon, already found a new home in Washington for the next few years.

Without further ado, my list of high-calibre free agents and where they may land:

Peyton Manning: Miami took themselves out the running today by trading their strongest selling point, wide-receiver Brandon Marshall. Denver and Arizona appear to be the front runners to grab the high profile quarterback, but the Titans also seem to be making a case. Prediction: Denver Broncos. Denver offers the best-rounded team and fits with the fact that Manning said he would prefer to stay in the AFC, so look for him to end up in the mile high city.

Matt Flynn: This year’s Kevin Kolb (an unproven quarterback with only a few career starts looking for a major pay day) is currently being targeted by Miami and Seattle. Miami trading away Marshall for two third-round draft picks frees up enough cap space for them to make a move on Kolb. Prediction: Miami Dolphins.

Mario Williams: The premier pass rusher available this year in free agency, Williams seems to have the most teams targeting him. According to the NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora reports his possible suitors include Seattle, Chicago, Buffalo, Houston, and Jacksonville. The trade for Marshall ate up a lot of Chicago’s cap space and reports say Williams is spending the weekend in Buffalo. Prediction: Buffalo Bills.


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