The NBA Goes XFL


The NBA has officially run out of ideas.

Their newest plan to sell more jerseys involves taking a page out of the marketing book from the long since defunct XFL.

Players from the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets have apparently been asked by the NBA to provide nicknames they would like to appear in place of their last names during at least one of the four games between the two clubs next season.

If you’ve been dying to get a King James (Lebron James), The Truth (Paul Pierce), or Birdman (Chris Andersen) jersey, you may soon get your chance. But then again, I doubt you have.

Make no mistake, the move will still make tonnes of money on jersey sales. As ridiculous as a Heat jersey with “King James” adorned on the back sounds, legions of fans will surely drop hundreds of dollars to have one of their own. And it was no mistake that two of the league’s most popular teams were chosen to pilot the promotion.

Players’ opinions on the idea have been mixed. Ray Allen praised the idea, saying, “It shows growth in our league and it shows we do adapt to what’s going on around us.”

I’m not too sure what that really means, unless what’s going on around the NBA is a lack of jersey sales. Last time a professional sports league tried to adapt to what’s going on around them we ended up with the abomination that was the MLB’s “turn ahead the clock promotion,” where all but 10 teams elected to wear terrible quality, sleeveless jerseys with ridiculously over-sized logos.


The MLB's attempt to "adapt to what's going on around them"

The MLB’s attempt to “adapt to what’s going on around them”

Kendall Marshall of the Phoenix Suns had a different perspective, tweeting, “The nickname makes it more about the individual, it’s still a team sport. Represent your team, your family, and go out there and play.”

At the end of the day its a harmless promotion that some people do genuinely seem excited about, but its problematic of where the league may be heading. If the league does actually faced the attendance and financial issues they sheepishly claim every year there’s one simple way to improve that: improve the product on the court.

The NBA’s simply gone stagnent. Year in and out the same handful of teams are title contenders, poor and corrupt officiating in the past has stained the league’s intregity, and the idea of playing defense is about as alien as employing a 5″8 center. But the NBA doesn’t really care about any of that because fixing those things don’t directly put cash in the owner’s pockets.

Instead, they’ll roll out these ridiculous nickname jerseys for one season, make a few bucks, then think of their next big gimmick, like jerseys with sleeves. Oh right, they’ve already done that, too.

One Response to “The NBA Goes XFL”
  1. mihovilkg says:

    Good marketing, can’t argue with that

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