Five-Minute First Round NHL Playoff Predictions

The increased drive and dedication shown by everyone from all-stars to enforcers during the run for the Cup is truly unlike any other professional sport in North America. There’s something different about the NHL Playoffs that other sports simply can’t match. The intensity and skill seems to increase on a nightly basis in the few … Continue reading

No-touch Icing and Other Potential Rule Changes

As general managers from around the NHL meet this week to discuss possible rule changes, the same rule that gets brought up year after year will once again be put on the table. No-touch icing gets brought up every year, and every year possible changes to the rule are suggested. And every year nothing changes. … Continue reading

The Winning Drive

I still remember my dad making the announcement. It was the 2001-02 NHL playoffs, and the Toronto Maple Leafs were making a run that no one expected, knocking off the New York Islanders and rival Ottawa Senators to meet the Hurricanes in the Conference Finals. And we were going to be there. Completely unexpected, my … Continue reading