• "Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else."

    - Vince Lombardi

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Movember Brand Audit

The following is a brand audit deck I was part of creating for a Non-Profit Marketing course. Movember Audit Report Advertisements

Event Description

The follow is copy I produced for a charity event that I was part of planning and executing.

Pan Am Problems in Toronto

The committee responsible for planning the 2015 Pan American games has come under fire recently after reports of one and two dollar costs being expended to taxpayers. But executives have claimed they are still way under their $709-million budget. Except the $709-million being spend on the athlete’s village isn’t included in the the $1.4 billion … Continue reading

The NBA Goes XFL

The NBA has officially run out of ideas. Their newest plan to sell more jerseys involves taking a page out of the marketing book from the long since defunct XFL. Players from the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets have apparently been asked by the NBA to provide nicknames they would like to appear in place … Continue reading

Five-Minute First Round NHL Playoff Predictions

The increased drive and dedication shown by everyone from all-stars to enforcers during the run for the Cup is truly unlike any other professional sport in North America. There’s something different about the NHL Playoffs that other sports simply can’t match. The intensity and skill seems to increase on a nightly basis in the few … Continue reading

CD Review

Going Mad for March Madness

The first games of the annual NCAA men’s basketball Championship Tournament start on Thursday, and although I’m the first to admit I don’t really know anything about the teams competing, I can’t help but get excited for the month-long festivities. Over the past few years I’ve slowly started drifting away from the NBA, to the … Continue reading

The First Day of NFL Free Agency and Baseless Speculation About Who Goes Where

When I woke up this morning I did the first thing I do almost every morning, browsed the internet while putting off actually getting started with my day. But today wasn’t like most other days. Today marked the beginning of free agency in the NFL. Beginning with the much anticipated release of Peyton Manning from … Continue reading

No-touch Icing and Other Potential Rule Changes

As general managers from around the NHL meet this week to discuss possible rule changes, the same rule that gets brought up year after year will once again be put on the table. No-touch icing gets brought up every year, and every year possible changes to the rule are suggested. And every year nothing changes. … Continue reading

Mustangs bury Badgers with early flurry

Looking to build off an important win earlier in the week against the Guelph Griffons, the Mustangs started the game with unrivaled intensity. “In pregame Brad [Campbell] told us just come out with energy and play hard,” said Western forward Charlie Drouin. “Everyone on the bench came out loud, cheering everyone on, and [we] went … Continue reading